University reverses; recognizes Christian student group

June 24, 2009


A university in Ohio has reversed its decision concerning a Christian student group.

In early 2009, Campus Bible Fellowship was told by Wright State University it was no longer recognized as an official student organization and could no longer meet on campus. According to the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), the decision was made because the club required its officers to subscribe to the club’s faith statement.

“It was essentially like telling a Christian student organization that it couldn’t require Christians to lead the group or be voting members. Kind of similar to telling a college Democrats group that it should have Republicans as its officers and leaders,” says David Hacker, litigation staff counsel for ADF’s Center for Academic Freedom.

Hacker says ADF and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education sent letters to the university, explaining the club’s rights. The university responded by saying it would allow the club to meet on campus, but next school year the club would have to resubmit its constitution and comply with their non-discrimination policy. ADF sent another letter explaining the school was violating the club’s First Amendment rights.

“It’s basically another example of America’s colleges and universities treating Christian students differently than all other students on campus,” he contends. “But in this situation, thankfully, Wright State University made the right decision and has now granted the club official recognition for this next school year.”

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