USF Faculty Union Supports Al-Arian

January 11, 2002

By Babita Persaud at St. Petersburg Times

A union representing University of South Florida professors voted Thursday night to throw its full support behind fired professor Sami Al-Arian as he fights to regain his job at USF.

The meeting of the United Faculty of Florida, held off campus at a pizza parlor on Fowler Avenue, was attended by Al-Arian, a union member, and about 40 faculty members.

"We are on record saying they did the wrong thing," said Roy Weatherford, president of the union's USF chapter.

USF president Judy Genshaft decided to fire Al-Arian on Dec. 19, saying his presence on campus created a safety concern and that he had failed to distance himself from the university when presenting his views on U.S. policies in the Middle East...

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