September 30, 2015

By John Stossel at


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VICTIMS ON THE LEFT: Democrats say Americans are victims because they aren’t paid enough, minorities are abused, women, children , older people are abused, etc. The villain is corporate America, and the solution is more government.

VICTIMS ON THE RIGHT: Republicans say Americans are victims because immigrants take their jobs, the Supreme Court doesn’t honor our values, the culture is corrupt, crime is rising (it isn’t), and the solution is a different government. Reason Magazine’s Katherine Mangu Ward and talk show host David Webb discuss America’s victim culture.

CAMPUS VICTIM CULTURE: Microaggressions are the new “offense” on campus. It’s a microaggression to say to an Asian person, “You must be good at math.” It’s even a microaggression to say, “America is a melting pot.” Greg Lukianoff from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education talks about absurd examples he has come across while covering campus censorship.

RACE: If there’s any group that has a right to claim victimhood in America, it’s blacks. But black conservative Kira Davis says “we don’t need help from the outside.”

REAL VICTIMS: 21 year old North Korean escapee Yeonmi park tells the story of how she escaped “the worst place on Earth.” She explains how she learned about black markets, capitalism, and what it means to be truly free.

MY TAKE: Am I a victim? I was born a stutterer. Had today’s disability laws existed when I began work, I may not have fought to overcome my stuttering and would have just stopped working and collected a government disability check. So it’s good today’s disability laws didn’t exist then, because I pushed through and mastered speaking.

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