Video: Cali. College Stops Student From Handing Out Constitutions On Constitution Day

September 20, 2013

by Mikael Thalen at

A student at the Modesto Junior College in California was confronted by campus police Tuesday and told to stop passing out U.S. Constitutions to fellow students. Ironically, Tuesday was also Constitution Day.

“I was really stunned when they told me that I had to ask for permission to pass out Constitutions on campus,” Robert Van Tuinen told Storyleak.

Throughout the cell phone recording, Van Tuinen, who also spent six years in the Army, can be seen attempting to get the officer to explain why rules and regulations dictate his first amendment right to free speech on public property. The officer went on to claim that students needed to be registered with the Student Development office to pass out any information at school, including the U.S. Constitution. Van Tuinen agreed to follow the officer inside to learn what requirements were needed to have constitutional rights as a student at MJC...

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