Wesleyan University Students Complain New Housing Policy Exerts Too Much Control

February 21, 2011

Students at Wesleyan University say their social lives are being taken over by their schools administration. They fear new language in a housing policy coming into effect in the fall tells them where they can and can't hang out off campus.

"It feels like you are still living with mom and dad," said Tom Miceli, a junior at the small Middletown, Conn., college. 

They say the wording of the policy is unclear, and the college has gone too far under making the new revisions.

"Students want to be treated like they are adults," junior Jeff Tanendaum said.

David Pesci, Wesleyan University's director of media relations, said the students are overreacting to the changes.

"They're stretching the definition of the rule," Pesci said.

Pesci told FoxNews.com that next fall the regulations aren't changing, just being more heavily enforced to protect the students. He said the revisions are being made only to tell students they will face disciplinary action if the rules are broken...

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