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Wheeler: N.C. State graduate values civility, but not at the expense of liberty

September 20, 2012

Scrolling through Facebook posts, listening to talking heads, cringing at anonymous online commenters can lead to pretty easily identifiable instances of disrespectful or unkind discourse.

But is asking for civility just another act of censorship?

Derek Spicer of Apex thinks so. And anything that dampens debate on a college campus in particular is just downright dangerous to the N.C. State graduate.

Spicer, 22, spent three years as a resident adviser at NCSU, graduating in May with a degree in political science. In fall 2011, the university instituted a civility statement requiring residents to "speak to each other in a civil manner" and prohibiting the display of items that might be "disrespectful" or "hurtful...

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