Will UC ban “hate speech”?

By August 3, 2012

Does the University of California forbid the expression of some disfavored political views on its campuses?

Not yet. But if the UC's Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture, and Inclusion has its way, it might start.

Last month, that council issued its "Jewish Student Campus Climate Fact-Finding Team Report & Recommendations." Through that report, the council recommends that the UC system adopt ill-defined hate speech codes and prohibit "hate organizations" from speaking on UC campuses. Those policies would inevitably trigger litigation against the cash-strapped UC, but the council is full of the sort of you-can-take-that-guy bravado-by-proxy that inebriated friends display in late-night bar fights: "The Team recognizes that changes to UC hate speech policies may result in legal challenge, but offer [sic] that UC accept the challenge...

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