WSSU will alter policy on protests and demonstrations

By January 6, 2008

The chancellor of Winston-Salem State University said Friday that the university will revise a new policy that limits unscheduled protests and demonstrations to one area of campus.

Donald Reaves said that the new policy wasn’t intended to limit free speech at WSSU.

But it has caught the attention of a national civil-liberties watchdog group that has successfully helped challenge free-speech zones at public universities across the country.

The Foundation for Individual Rights for Education, or FIRE, sent a letter to WSSU on Friday criticizing the university’s policy for being too restrictive and suggesting that it may violate the First Amendment.

WSSU’s policy limits unscheduled protests to the breezeway of the Thompson Center, which houses the university’s cafeterias. Groups would be able to assemble in areas typically used for public activities if they schedule them with the university. The university would need to be notified at least three business days before the activity...

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