Yale Fights For Free Speech

By August 17, 2007

FIRE’s former president David French, on National Revie w Online ’s “Phi Beta Cons” blog, reports that Yale University Press stood up to a group “who hoped to stop publication of a book exposing the intersection between Hamas’s terrorist and (allegedly) ‘charitable’ wings.”  The group, KinderUSA, filed a libel suit against Yale University Press and Matthew Levitt, the author of Hamas: Politics, Charity, and Terrorism in the Service of Jihad, over two passages in the book in which Levitt links charities in the US to terrorist groups. Inside Higher Ed reports that after Yale took a strong legal stance, the suit has been dropped “without any changes being made in the book or any payments to the plantiffs.”

David is right that while we often criticize schools when they restrict speech, we must remember to applaud them when they defend it. With the school year approaching, Yale has provided an excellent example of how schools should treat controversial issues.

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