Yale’s Alumni Donations May Suffer Amid Free Speech Debate

November 17, 2015

By Serena Elavia at FOX Business News

In light of the recent campus protests at Yale University in New Haven, CT, many in the alumni community are upset with the current campus climate and are threatening to cease donations if the University censors free speech.

This Ivy League institution has become the center of a free speech debate after two conflicting emails were sent out to students about Halloween costumes. The first email, sent to the campus by the Intercultural Affairs Committee, which seeks to promote an inclusive and diverse campus, requested that students avoid wearing “culturally unaware or insensitive” Halloween costumes, including Native American dress, redface and blackface. In response, faculty member Erika Christakis, sent an email saying students should be free to wear whichever costumes they choose. Both were cited by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)...

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