YCT stresses importance of free speech

By September 24, 2004

As president of the SMU chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas, Brad Julsonnet is on a mission to protect First Amendment rights for students. He and the other members of YCT want SMU students to feel free to express themselves.

To encourage freedom of speech, YCT members will be on the west bridge of the Hughes-Trigg Student Center today between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., handing out fliers to accompany 25 stake signs scattered across campus.

YCT stresses the importance of being able to use symbolic speech to express opinions.

The signs show two images, one of a burning American flag and the other of a burning cross. According to Isaac Shutt, YCT’s ambassador to the university, although this type of speech is unpopular and widely offensive, it is Constitutionally protected and incredibly important...

Schools: Southern Methodist University