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2015 FIRE Student Network Conference Deadline Tomorrow!

In just three short weeks, students from across the country will descend on Philadelphia for the 2015 FIRE Student Network Conference—a weekend-long event packed with engaging speakers, hands-on breakout sessions, and informal discussions designed to give students all the practical tools necessary to advocate for freedom of expression on campus.

Let’s run down a partial list of reasons we’re so excited about this year’s conference:

  • New location! With conference locations at the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University, we’re leaving the pastoral calm of Bryn Mawr for bustling excitement in the heart of Philadelphia.
  • Keynote speakers! Former ACLU President Nadine Strossen and Washington Post columnist Radley Balko will be addressing the conference on Friday and Saturday nights, respectively.
  • Practical breakouts! This year we’re having fewer lectures and more interactive breakout workshops with FIRE staff. We’re getting our hands dirty to make sure you come away from the conference with more than just an understanding of student rights—you’ll come away with an individualized strategy for fighting censorship on your campus.
  • Students! You’ll meet people from all over the country, from tiny liberal arts colleges to massive state universities, all united by the goal of restoring student rights on campus. Let your fellow students’ stories inspire you, and share your own advice with your peers. With socials each night, there will be plenty of opportunities to have fun with your new friends.

Students interested in attending this free conference must submit their applications by tomorrow, July 3, to be eligible. Meals and lodging are provided throughout the conference, and we offer a stipend of up to $300 to help you travel to and from Philly. In other words, what are you waiting for?

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