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$6,500 Still Needed for CFN Gift Fund by June 18

With a little less than one month to go before 50 students descend on Philadelphia for the second annual Campus Freedom Network (CFN) Student Conference, FIRE still needs your help!

In October, FIRE President Greg Lukianoff donated $25,000 to set up a gift fund for the CFN and challenged FIRE donors to match his gift by donating $25,000 of their own. In March, I challenged you to reach this goal by the start of the CFN conference on June 18. With just 22 days to go until the conference, we're still $6,500 short of our goal. If you haven't given yet to the CFN Gift Fund, we need your help today to make sure we reach our goal before June 18.

The generosity of our supporters has brought us nearly 75% of the way to $25,000and the funds raised so far have helped the CFN to flourish. In just the past five months, 1,000 new students and faculty members have joined the CFN and added their voices to the growing call for change on campus. On June 18, with the start of FIRE's second annual conference, even more students will learn about their rights and join the ranks of campus advocates for freedom, returning to their colleges and universities prepared to protect not only their own rights but the rights of thousands of their fellow students.

The funds already raised will cover the cost of bringing thirty-seven of these students to the 2009 CFN conference and sending them back to restore freedom to their home campuses. But this leaves thirteen students unfundedand for those students, we need to raise the remaining $6,500. Donate today to help us reach our goal by the start of the conference on June 18, and you'll receive a personalized postcard from a student who was able to attend the conference thanks to your donation. Just be sure to let us know that you would like your gift to support the CFN.

In just 22 days, we need to raise $6,500. Are you up to the challenge? Donate online today, join FIRE's cause on Facebook and recruit friends to help you raise even more, and spread the word to friends and family. Every dollar raised brings us one step closer to our goal!

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