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ACTA Writes Brandeis Trustees Decrying ‘Wetbacks’ Case

The latest news in the ongoing saga of Brandeis's despicable punishment of Professor Donald Hindley for harassment after he explained the use of the term "wetback" in class comes from the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA), which announced last week that ACTA had written Brandeis's Board of Trustees about the case. ACTA is the second national organization to publicly denounce the injustices committed against Hindley and to notify the Brandeis trustees about the increasingly visible black eye the university is sporting. FIRE, ACTA, and the ACLU of Massachusetts all agree about these terrible injustices.

ACTA reminds the trustees that they have both the authority and the moral responsibility to resolve Brandeis's latest infringement on free speech and academic freedom. I hope more such organizations keep up the pressure.

ACTA's letter is also covered by Critical Mass, which points out that the issue now includes this significant question: "How much longer can the Brandeis administration maintain the charade that it has done nothing wrong?" The Critical Mass post also reminds readers that FIRE has given Brandeis a "red light" rating for having at least one policy that both clearly and substantially restricts freedom of speech.

FIRE also has put Brandeis on our Red Alert list, our select list of the worst-of-the-worst schools that have persisted in blatant violations of individual rights on campus. Here's an explanation of the Brandeis case and its Red Alert status in podcast form.

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