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Adam’s Speech Raises Awareness of Red Alert Status at MSU

As we wrote last week, FIRE Vice President of Programs Adam Kissel recently visited Michigan State University (MSU) to address two student audiences. His second talk focused on the school's Red Alert status and inclusion on FIRE's 2011 list of the "Worst Colleges for Free Speech."

Free Speech at MSU - FIRE VP Adam Kissel from The Other Side Blog on Vimeo.

FIRE's campus visit was picked up by The State News, which published an article recalling the series of events that landed MSU on the Red Alert list: the school brought charges against student Kara Spencer in 2008 for emailing professors about a proposed change in the academic calendar, then instated a restrictive "spam" policy that says students can be punished for any unsolicited email sent to 10 or more recipients over 48 hours. Robert wrote more about this absurd policy last spring.

Hopefully, now that more students are aware of MSU's poor record on free speech, they will encourage their school to respect student speech rights and get off our Red Alert list.

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