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Anti-Hamas Rally Stirs Controversy, Calls for Punishment at SFSU

The College Republicans at San Francisco State University (SFSU) held an anti-Hamas rally on Wednesday at which at least one group member stepped on a Hamas flag, apparently leading offended students to call for the group's punishment.

No, we haven't accidentally re-posted our "This Month in FIRE History" blogbelieve it or not, these events just happened last week!  Reaction to the rally has been fast and furious; according to the College Republicans' blog, a coalition of students offended by the rally will shortly be releasing a statement containing the following demands:

  • Authorities must drop all charges pending against [the two counter-protestors arrested by police].
  • The school must sanction/punish the College Republicans for throwing shoes at the Hamas flag.
  • The groups must organize a forum to "educate" students about what forms of speech are not acceptable according to the offended parties, specifically the always ambiguous "hate speech."

While those calling for the College Republicans' punishment may not have learned their lesson, we trust that the SFSU administration has, and that no student will face any disciplinary actionor even investigationfor desecrating a flag in an act of political protest. Nonetheless, you can be sure we will be keeping a close eye on the situation.

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