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BACK TO SCHOOL: Welcome to Campus! (VIDEO)

FIRE Back to School 2016

Going to college means a heap of new, adult responsibilities, like doing your own laundry and making sure you turn that term paper in on time.

But there are also benefits to adulthood. We at FIRE think perhaps the most important of those benefits is your freedom of speech.

College is a great time to learn about the value of speaking your mind. Engaging in meaningful campus conversations and debates is a great way to meet new people, open your mind to new ways of thinking, and make a lasting impact on campus.

In our latest video, FIRE staffers offer a primer on how to use free speech to get the most out of your college experience.

Watch now for our full list of tips, then get out there and speak your mind.

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This is the final installment in this week's Back to School series. Check out more great FIRE resources—and get ready to express yourself on campus—over on our homepage.

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