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Bible Studies: Not So Bad After All

FIRE’s press release today announces a tremendous victory for religious liberty throughout the 13 schools in the University of Wisconsin System. Since last November, the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire (UWEC) has been under attack for a policy that banned RAs from leading Bible studies—or studies of any other holy book—in their dorm rooms, on the grounds that open religious practice might make RAs less “approachable.”

After six months of pressure from FIRE, the UW system’s Board of Regents finally settled the controversy on Friday by approving a policy that gives RAs the right to “participate in, organize, and lead any meetings or other activities, within their rooms, floors or residence halls, or anywhere else on campus, to the same extent as other students.”

As today’s press release shows, this decision is only the latest in a series of religious liberty campaigns that FIRE has waged and won. FIRE has worked tirelessly over the past few years to convince intrusive college administrators that religious individuals, like Professor James Tuttle at Lakeland Community College and student Jihad Daniel at William Paterson University, should not be expected to suppress their fundamental beliefs, and religious organizations, like the countless Christian and Muslim student groups discussed in the release, should be free to govern themselves as they see fit. FIRE has and will continue to press for students’ and professors’ rights to practice their religions, express their beliefs, and associate as they wish, without fear of university interference.

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