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David Lat (credit: Facebook)
David Lat (Credit: David Lat, Facebook)

The New York Post reports that a fellow blogger, David Lat over at Above the Law, is in a bad way with the coronavirus:

High-profile attorney David Lat is in critical condition at NYU Langone Medical Center in Manhattan while battling the coronavirus, according to a report. Lat, 44, founder of the legal blog Above the Law, has been put on a ventilator and is “not doing great,” with doctors “taking it hour by hour, day by day,” his husband, Zachary Baron Shemtob, told the New York Law Journal.

And this news from Kathryn Rubino over at Above the Law:

UPDATE 3/22/2020: Late Friday night/Saturday morning Lat’s condition took a turn for the worse. His oxygen levels dropped and he’s been put on a ventilator. He’s reportedly in critical condition. His husband, Zack Shemtob, told “He’s not doing great,” Shemtob said, adding that the NYU Langone doctors and other staff “are really attending to him. They’re taking it hour, day by day"

Latest Update

We join with David's Facebook friends and all those who admire David and the great work he's done in wishing him the best in these trying times. May your recovery be soon and full. Our well-wishes also go out to David's husband, Zachary — stay strong and stay safe.

  • Robert Corn-Revere: "As we all are going through this odd time of social isolation, certain things bring us together. News of David Lat’s struggle with this virus is one of those things. All of us who are fans of his blog and admire his work have been alarmed by news of his illness and are hoping for his speedy recovery. David, you are in our thoughts."
  • Richard Hasen"David — We are pulling for you and wish you a full and speedy recovery. We already miss your voice so much and look forward to hearing your wisdom and snark once again soon. Love to you and your family at this difficult time."
  • Greg Lukianoff: "David, I don't know you personally, but I was so inspired that your first instinct when suffering from COVID-19 was to make sure the world knew that even young, healthy people could be devastated by this disease. I have zero doubt you saved lives by doing so. I was so sad to hear that this cruel disease has hit you still harder. Let's hope the worst is over and your recover well and soon!"
  • Len Niehoff: "Dear David, so sorry you’re going through this. Sending you all the love, positive energy, and prayers I can. Be  well soon."
  • Ilya Shapiro: "David, I discovered 'Underneath Their Robes' while clerking and then ATL became a balm when I was a law firm junior associate. But getting to know you years later was a much richer experience. You’re the legal public intellectual of the Internet age and we need you back soon. Get well!"
  • David Skover: “My best wishes for a full recovery!  Though I don’t know you and your husband personally, I admire your work and hope that your voice will continue to be heard for a very long time!”
  • Paul M. Smith: "I have always been a big admirer of the way you have built a unique career and role for yourself in the legal profession. The results have been extraordinary. That work must go on! Get better very soon."
  • Laurence Tribe: "Get well, David! I’ve long been a fan and I’m sending you only good vibes."
  • Eugene Volokh: " Dear David: Very sorry to hear about your illness, and best wishes for a speedy recovery!"
  • David Wilkins: "David: Get well soon! We need your strong clear voice to needle the powerful and expose the pretenders, whether it is Above the Hospital Bed or Above the Law. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!"

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