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‘The Brandeis Hoot’ Seeks Answers from Administration

As the negative media barrage against Brandeis University continues, The Brandeis Hoot has written an excellent editorial titled "There is such a thing as bad publicity," calling for school administrators to admit their wrongdoing in the case against Professor Donald Hindley and start "damage control." The editorial points out that

A search of Google news for the name "Brandeis" brings up nothing but articles about Hindley and the Brandeis sports teams. It is quite sad that, judging from an online news search, Brandeis is known for athletics and violating free speech. This is not at all what we should be known for as an institution."

The Hoot continues,

At a time when the University is welcoming a more prestigious class of freshmen every year, and should be using this to polish its reputation, the administration insists on making rash decisions that negate its positive PR capital.

And instead of saving face before the media, prospective students and faculty, and the ACLU, "the administration continues to exercise its ability to censor speech." The Hoot then asks,

With this kind of an approach, how will the University attract the high caliber professors who will be able to give the incoming classes of students the education they deserve? How will it draw students who want a free and open academic environment?

These incisive questions deserve a response from Brandeis's administrators. The editorial concludes,

Students, faculty, and now outside organizations have all come to the conclusion that the allegations against Hindley were baseless, and it is in the administration's best interest to stop perpetuating a free speech debate that it can't win.

Yes, it is past time for the Brandeis administration to drop the charade.

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