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Brandeis Student Paper Publishes Alum’s Criticism

As we mentioned in the Torch last month, Professor Jay Bergman, a Brandeis University alumnus, has had some strong words for Brandeis Provost Marty Krauss regarding Brandeis's treatment of Professor Donald Hindley. Today, the email he sent to Provost Krauss has been published in Brandeis's student paper, The Justice, in large part, as a Letter to the Editor. As Professor Bergman writes,

I urge the administration in the strongest possible terms to drop the case and extend its apologies to Hindley. The reputation of Brandeis University depends on it.

This letter echoes the sentiments of FIRE towards this case and serves as yet another example of the outrage the case has generated among alumni and others for whom the pending outcome of this case is a test of Brandeis's reputation.

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