Table of Contents Covers Mysterious 'Sexual Harassment' Case at East Georgia College is airing an extensive, 23-minute interview with East Georgia College (EGC) Professor Thomas Thibeault. As we have reported, two days after pointing out that EGC's sexual harassment policy offered no protection against malicious allegations, the policy was used against him. Amazingly, he seems to have been fired maliciously for his "long history of sexual harassment" under that very policy. He has never been presented with evidence or even an accuser, and he has never had a hearing despite asking for one (as is his right by official policy).

The interview is excellent and comprehensive. I recommend it. FIRE's involvement in this case is highlighted several times, and about halfway through, interviewer Scott Baker reads most of FIRE's press release. After the interview, he and co-interviewer Liz Stephans discuss how scary it is that such severe violations of due process could happen against someone who is never even allowed to face his accuser.

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