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The word is getting out to Bucknell University alumni that their alma mater has taken a strong stand against free expression on campusand so far, they don't seem too pleased. Alumni group The Alliance for a Better Bucknell issued a statement calling on Bucknell President Brian Mitchell, "in the strongest possible terms, to immediately condemn the recent censorship and proclaim publicly that no one will ever be treated this way again at Bucknell for expressing social or political views." Indoctrinate U filmmaker Evan Coyne Maloney, another Bucknell alumnus, has also condemned Bucknell for its vendetta against the Bucknell University Conservatives Club on brain terminal, his well-trafficked blog. So far, Bucknell has seen fit to try to brazen this one outmaybe it believes that since it has had some luck silencing its own students, it will have similar success against the media and the public. As its alumni catch on to the administration's game, though, Bucknell's disgraceful position will be harder and harder to defend. It's not often that alumni of any school think back to their college years and reflect fondly on their university's egregious censorship policy. If you're a Bucknell alumnus who isn't happy seeing the current administration dragging your alma mater's name through the mud or if you are just concerned about liberty at Bucknell, click here and let President Mitchell know what you think.

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