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The Campus Freedom Network Prepares for Launch

The Campus Freedom Network (CFN) website is in its final stages of completion and will launch for “beta” testing within the next few days. The CFN website—actually an extension of FIRE’s website—will serve as a hub for liberty-minded students and faculty across the country interested in the preservation of individual rights at our nation’s college campuses. These new additions to the FIRE website will give CFN members an unprecedented opportunity to communicate with each other about strategies to counter campus repression and speech codes as well as educate students on their campuses about free speech issues. Hopefully, this interaction will lead to intercampus cooperation on behalf of student and faculty rights. FIRE also has plans for CFN conferences in the coming years, where student and faculty CFN members will get the chance to meet each other and participate in seminars about liberty and individual rights on campus.

If you are a student or faculty member interested in becoming a CFN member, please e-mail us with your name, school, and occupation (student or faculty) to

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