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Celebrate the 220th Anniversary of the First Amendment by Tweeting Today

On December 15, 1791, the Bill of Rights officially became part of the U.S. Constitution when Virginia ratified those first ten amendments, becoming the eleventh state to do so. Ken Paulson of the First Amendment Center has some reflections on the importance of this milestone and notes that President Franklin D. Roosevelt did declare the day a national holiday back in 1941-but before it could be celebrated, the Pearl Harbor attack intervened. 

Now, 220 years later, FIRE, along with the 1 for All First Amendment campaign, is celebrating the adoption of the Bill of Rights by encouraging our supporters, and especially students, to participate in the "Free to Tweet" campaign. We say "especially students" because 14- to 22-year-olds can put themselves in contention for one of no fewer than 22 $5,000 scholarships by composing the best tweet about the First Amendment and adding the hashtag #freetotweet. This is a great opportunity to earn some real money for college, so we hope students who support FIRE will participate. 

FIRE will also be tweeting about the First Amendment throughout the day. Follow us @theFIREorg on Twitter and search for the hashtag #freetotweet for more!

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