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Celebrate Back-to-School Week by supporting FIRE

Here at FIRE, we’re celebrating Back-to-School Week! And what better way to celebrate than by supporting FIRE’s critical work on campus with a 100 percent tax deductible donation.

At the close of this past academic year, it seemed as though the dangerous hostility toward free expression in the academy had reached its peak: We watched protestors disrupt, cut short, and even cancel speakers’ campus appearances through threats and, in some cases, actual violence. Now, as we start this academic year, new challenges are adding even more pressure to the campus environment. Students are returning to college with tensions at an all-time high, with free speech-related controversies erupting across the nation, and with anti-free speech attitudes growing in popularity.

As a result, it is shaping up to be an intense year for free speech. All eyes will be on our institutions of higher education and now, more than ever, those of us who care about civil liberties must work together to defend and promote free expression and due process on America’s campuses. The new academic year is the opportune time for action.

The time for us to act is now. Please consider supporting FIRE’s efforts with a gift today.

The culture of censorship is the biggest threat we face on campus and, with your help, we can directly confront it. By making a donation today, you will ensure that FIRE is able to equip students and faculty with the resources they need to confidently engage in unfettered dissent, debate, and discussion on campus.

Your gift will make an impact. Specifically, it will help FIRE to:  

  • Coordinate new programs and initiatives to fight administrative abuse and rights violations on campus — such as our new Student Defenders Program, which teaches students like Steven, Veronica, and Marvi to help their peers navigate campus disciplinary procedures.
  • Empower and educate student activists nationwide through regional conferences, online activism resources, and on-campus events as part of the FIRE Student Network.
  • Distribute resources that arm students with the tools necessary to safeguard their rights, such as FIRE’s Guide to Free Speech on Campus and our just-released Spotlight on Due Process report.
  • Organize a campaign to encourage colleges and universities to adopt the “Chicago Statement,” which eloquently captures the importance of freedom of expression inside the academy and represents the ideal rallying point for a national campaign for reform.

Through all of these efforts, and many more, FIRE will keep fighting to keep free speech alive on campus. Please consider making an investment in the future of campus liberty by making a donation today. You can donate right now online or by calling (215) 717-3473. Together, we can ensure this academic year is a step toward restoring freedom and safeguarding individual rights on campus.

Thank you in advance!

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