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Celebrate Memorial Day by Supporting FIRE

This weekend Americans will celebrate Memorial Day, an opportunity to reflect on both the past and future of our nation. We remember our fallen, and we honor the ideals they defended, including freedom of speech and religion, democracy, and due process. Our soldiers protect these values through their service, yet as we acknowledge their dedication, we recognize that many threats to these American values have not been eliminated. 

On campus, despite noble promises to respect free speech, college administrators consistently restrict the liberties of college students and faculty members, instilling in them not only the idea that censorship is acceptable, but also that it is desirable. When what ought to be the leading centers of free expression curtail basic rights, it's hard for those on campus not to learn to conform to unjust, illiberal principles instead.

The strength of campus censorship lies in both its invasiveness and its effect on the future leaders of our nation. Your support enables FIRE to remain vigilant in our protection of American liberties on campuses across the country, so please donate to FIRE this Memorial Day weekend and honor the ideals that so many have fought for. Happy Memorial Day from all of us here at FIRE, and thank you for your continued dedication to freedom!

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