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CFN Announces 2,000th Member: Daniel Guglielmo

Exactly one month ago we reported that the Campus Freedom Network was fast approaching 2,000 members. We are happy to announce that Daniel Guglielmo of the University of Massachusetts at Lowell is our 2,000th member. As we promised, Daniel will receive a bundle of FIRE goodies including a FIRE hooded sweatshirt, a FIRE baseball cap, a copy of Indoctrinate U, and a copy of The Shadow University autographed by FIRE co-founders Harvey Silverglate and Alan Charles Kors.

Daniel is a recent transfer to UMass Lowell from Fairfield University in Connecticut. He plans to graduate in 2013 with a degree in sound recording and technology with aspirations to go into the recording business. Daniel is also considering a career in law and is currently enrolled in a class on law and the legal system. Working with FIRE will certainly help him refine his understanding of the First Amendment and surrounding case law. While Daniel is new to the campus and hasn't yet involved himself with extracurricular activities, he hopes to found a campus debate club next year.

When Daniel registered for the CFN, he wrote as his reason for joining, "I believe FIRE stands for a good cause and I fully support their efforts." Daniel is concerned with how few people are aware of the threat to liberty on campus. He plans to fight that ignorance by wearing his FIRE swag around campus, recruiting his friends to the CFN and hosting a FIRE speaker. We appreciate Daniel's support and willingness to work for liberty on his campus.

Any student or faculty member interested in taking part in FIRE's efforts to advance liberty on campus should register for the CFN here.

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