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CFN Conference Continues Today with All-Star Lineup

The CFN Student Conference continues today with a full day of events. This morning, participants heard from FIRE co-founder Harvey Silverglate, who offered a profound talk on the illiberalism plaguing the academy. Right now, a panel is underway with Harvey moderating presentations by David French, Daphne Patai, and Derek Shaffer on the philosophical foundations and practical implications of free speech. This afternoon, Greg will speak about the problem of students unlearning liberty, and Sam will offer an overview of the form and nature of speech codes, which are so pervasive on campus. Students will then split up into four small groups led by FIRE staffers for an in-depth study of common speech codes on campus generally and their own campuses specifically.

Tonight, attendees will hear from lawyer and author Wendy Kaminer. Wendy, a member of FIRE’s board of advisors, has published eight books, most recently Worst Instincts: Conformity, Cowardice, and the ACLU.

Please remember that we’re live streaming the conference. Tune in and see how it’s going!

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