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CFN Members: Earn Points with FIRE’s Widgets

For students involved in the Campus Freedom Network (CFN), a great way to earn easy points in the CFN Incentive Program is by posting FIRE's speech code widgets on your blog or Facebook profile. FIRE's speech code widgets include the Speech Code of the Month widget and the Spotlight widget; the former links to the current Speech Code of the Month selection and the latter links to the Spotlight page of a school of your choice. All it takes to put these widgets on your website is copying and pasting a little bit of code. Just follow the directions on the CFN website.

FIRE has developed Facebook applications for our widgets as well, and students can earn points for putting these widgets on their Facebook profiles. It's very easy to do: for the Speech Code of the Month widget click here and for the Spotlight widget click here. You will be brought to the Facebook home page; sign in to your Facebook account, and follow the directions.

Students who put both FIRE widgets on their Facebook profile or website will earn ten points toward prizes in the CFN Incentive Program. Prizes include books, a BPA-free FIRE Nalgene water bottle, gift cards and even an HDTV, an Apple Macbook, an iPod, and a digital camera. Click here to learn more.

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