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CFN Students Selected as Finalists for 2011 SFL Awards

FIRE's Campus Freedom Network (CFN) works to change the culture of censorship on campus through the efforts of our thousands of talented and committed members. A few of our outstanding student members have been recognized recently for their efforts by Students for Liberty (SFL) as finalists for the 2011 SFL Annual Awards:

  • Stacy LitzA FIRE co-op and Prometheus Society member, Stacy is nominated in the "Student of the Year" category for her substantial efforts to promote free speech at Drexel University.
  • Michelle FieldsCFN member Michelle Fields is nominated in both the "Student of the Year" and "Event of the Year" categories for the Free Speech Wall her group built during Constitution Week at Pepperdine University. I covered the wall's destruction and ultimate re-building on The Torch last fall.
  • Casey Given2010 FIRE Intern Casey Given is a member of the University of California Berkeley Students for Liberty, which is nominated in the "Group of the Year" category. Casey has been a strong advocate for free speech since returning to Berkeley from his FIRE internship; we have highlighted several of his free speech columns on The Torch.
  • Ross Kenyon2010 CFN Conference attendee Ross Kenyon is nominated for "Student of the Year" for his work on behalf of free speech at Arizona State University. Ross is also actively working with FIRE to reform ASU's lone remaining speech code.

The winners will be selected through an open, online voting process. You can vote once per day from now through early February at

Congratulations to Stacy, Michelle, Casey, and Ross! To read more about how CFN students are supporting free speech on their campuses, visit

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