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School may be out for the summer, but FIRE’s Campus Freedom Network keeps growing. Here’s what’s happening as of late:

  • Over at the CFN blog, FIRE’s undergraduate interns are blogging about their experiences on campus. Here’s an excerpt from today’s post from Lily Tran, a rising sophomore at Brown University:

[I]n the fall of 2006, the Reformed University Fellowship’s status as a student organization was revoked by Brown University under suspicious circumstances.
More conspicuous than the disappearance of RUF was the lack of coverage on the incident. Instead of students rising up and protesting these actions, there was a predictable silence surrounding this issue. Instead of espousing Voltaire’s principle that “I may disagree with what you have to say, but will fight to death for your right to say it,” the notoriously politically active Brown students were content to let this fly under the radar. The same students who were up in arms over issues such as Darfur and allegations of racial profiling among campus police chose to remain silent because “this issue doesn’t involve them.”
But they are wrong. Any instances where the administrators err involve all students on the Brown campus, not just students who are ideologically in line with the victims. 

  • The CFN just launched its official Facebook group on the popular social networking site We strongly encourage any FIRE supporters or current CFN members with Facebook accounts to join the group!
  • Finally, the CFN will be redesigning and refining its current website as the summer progresses. If you’ve had any difficulty logging in, or if you have other ideas about how to improve the website’s functionality, we’d love to hear from you.

If you’re a current student or faculty member committed to defending fundamental rights at your school, but haven’t already become a member of the Campus Freedom Network, please join us! Drop us a line to learn how to register for the CFN. We hope to hear from you soon!

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