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CFN Working to Help Students Advance Liberty on Their Campuses

The staff of FIRE's Campus Freedom Network (CFN) has been busy organizing lectures, preparing resources, and mailing out materials to CFN members working to reform their campuses for liberty. Again, we want to encourage students to take advantage of the great opportunities available through the CFN. The CFN exists to facilitate the sort of activism we are already seeing through networking opportunities on the CFN message board and Facebook page, through the summer conference, and by providing support and materials on the CFN website. Additionally, the CFN Incentive Program offers prizes for active students including gift cards, FIRE Nalgene water bottles, books and, for the most active member, an HDTV, a Macbook, an iPod, and a digital camera or a $2500 college scholarship. All these benefits are available only to CFN members who are active for liberty by recruiting new members, writing op-eds on FIRE cases and issues, posting speech code widgets to their websites and Facebook profiles, and hosting FIRE speakers.

Register today and contact the CFN to see how you can work to advance liberty.

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