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Columbus State CC Student Drops Lawsuit After Policy Changes

Last month, I reported here on The Torch that Columbus State Community College (CSCC) had revised its policies to allow students and student groups to use the vast majority of outdoor space for expressive activities without notifying the school in advance. CSCC student Spencer Anderson, who had filed a lawsuit against the school on August 26 after he was prohibited from distributing flyers outside the school’s “designated areas for public speech and assembly,” has dismissed his suit in light of the policy revisions.

CSCC’s policy changes will go far in protecting student expression on campus. Students will now be allowed to publicly respond to current events and ongoing discussions without being delayed by an administrative process, and they may choose to voice their opinions in areas of campus where they can reach a large audience. FIRE commends CSCC for making this necessary change and Anderson for demanding that the college respect his First Amendment rights.

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