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Countdown of FIRE's Top Videos from 2009: Number Two

In my last post, I ranked our exclusive interview with humorist Dave Barry as FIRE's number three video of 2009. My number two choice will come as no surprise, as it has by far received the most views of any video on FIRE's YouTube channel. The number two FIRE video from 2009 is Think What We Think...Or Else: Thought Control on the American Campus, which focuses on the University of Delaware's thought reform program:

This is a great video for many reasons. It was expertly shot and edited, the interviews with the professors and students involved are extremely compelling, and it effectively captures the gravity of that now-infamous case. If you are interested in learning more about the University of Delaware case, I highly recommend that you read Adam Kissel's award-winning article, Please Report to Your Resident Assistant to Discuss Your Sexual IdentityIt's Mandatory!on the newly launched website of our journal, The Lantern.

So what could I possibly rank above this videowhich has nearly 90,000 views on YouTube aloneto earn the distinction of being FIRE's number one video of 2009? Tune in to my next post to find out.

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