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Create original art for FIRE, win a $200 Amazon gift card

FIRE recently launched our new Instagram page, and to celebrate, we’re soliciting FIRE-inspired art from our readers!

The rules are simple:

  1. Create an original piece of artwork involving or inspired by FIRE’s work;
  2. Email it to before Sept. 30;
  3. Follow FIRE on Instagram @thefireorg.

All eligible entrants will receive FIRE swag, and one winner — selected by FIRE staff — will receive a $200 Amazon gift card and have their art featured on FIRE’s social media channels.

So go get creative, follow FIRE’s Instagram, and watch out for the winning art. It could be yours!

Fine print: Artists can submit existing work provided they hold the copyright and can grant us the rights to republish it. All entrants will keep the copyright to their submitted work. The contest winner would give FIRE the broad rights to show that work off on our social media channels and in FIRE publications, with credit to the artist each and every time. Feel free to use the work in the future however you like — it's your artwork. We just want to show it off.

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