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CSU Free Speech Activist Seth Anthony Speaks to Media

The Fort Collins Coloradoan has an article today about Colorado State University’s (CSU’s) policy changes, which we highlighted in a press release yesterday. The Coloradoan spoke with Seth Anthony, the CSU graduate student who led the successful charge for policy reform at CSU. Speaking about the revision of a policy that formerly banned “expressions of hostility,” Seth said:

The expression of hostility was vaguely worded. I could say I don’t like Christians or I hate atheists and those could be expressions of hostility, but at the same time they are expressions of real personal feelings that you can have in campus dorms where you’re supposed to be able to have open debate, open discussions and the exchange of provocative ideas. That’s what being in college is all about.

Indeed it is. FIRE is thrilled to work with students like Seth to fight abuses of student rights on campus. The more involved students themselves are willing and able to be in the fight for campus rights, the better the chances of a positive outcome. If you are concerned about the state of free speech on your campus, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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