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‘Daily Trojan’ Highlights USC’s ‘Red Light’ Policies

The University of Southern California's (USC's) student newspaper, the Daily Trojan, recently published an article discussing the school's "red light" rating for speech codes from FIRE and its effect on campus discourse. In particular, the school's prohibition of "fighting words" and "insulting" speech makes USC's speech codes some of the worst in California, a state without a single "green light" school. Author Sarah Cueva urges USC to revise these objectionable policies:

If USC is to be an institution that is truly dedicated to intellectual exploration and the betterment of society, the administration must revise its speech-related policies to allow for true on-campus freedom of speech.


College is the time for young people to speak their minds, and we shouldn't have to worry that expressing our beliefs might break with university policy. Policy should uphold the message that USC itself sends to its students - to be outspoken, ambitious, respectful individuals.

Well said, Sarah. You can read her full piece here and read about USC's policies on the school's Spotlight page.

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