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Demonstration at Brandeis Today—Red Alert in Action

Why are students demonstrating at about 6pm today at Brandeis University?

Today is apparently Accepted Students Day at Brandeis. Potential students should know that Brandeis has so badly violated principles of free expression that FIRE has put Brandeis on our Red Alert list, reserved for the worst offenders among colleges and universities in the country.

A bunch of current students agree. Here are excerpts from their press release, a copy of which was received by FIRE:

Today April 10th, during the kick off for Open House, Brandeis University Students will assemble to demonstrate to their university that their voices have been silenced by University actions and those actions will no longer be tolerated. Brandeis students will gather at 6PM in silence and stand in solidarity with all the students who have had their rights violated because when one member of the community's rights are violated every member's rights are violated. We find it incredibly ironic that at a school named after one of the great liberal lions of the Supreme Court would deny a student due process. We find it incredibly contradictory that a school at which Eleanor Roosevelt was a trustee, there is no declaration of student rights, just obligations. Most upsetting is that at the alma mater of Abby Hoffman and Angela Davis, the students have allowed this to happen. ... We will disperse literature about the violations committed by Brandeis administrators and the continual oppressive nature of Brandeis ...

Why is Brandeis on our Red Alert list? See how the administration treated Professor Donald Hindley, who was found guilty of racial harassment and had a monitor placed in his classes after he criticized the use of the word "wetbacks" in his Latin American Politics course. And see what else Brandeis has done and is still doing to chill expression on campus.

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