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FIRE is a proudly nonpartisan organization. But we do have one campaign promise to make: FIRE will send the winner of the Presidential election a letter, to arrive on Inauguration Day, with information about the perilous state of student and faculty rights on our nation's campuses. The sorry state of liberty at so many of our colleges and universities negatively affects every American, both on campus and off. We will call on the President to help to change that concerning trend.

In 2009, FIRE wrote to the newly inaugurated President Barack Obama informing him of the severe problems with unconstitutional speech codes and other attacks on basic liberties on campus. Nearly four years later, while the number of unconstitutional speech codes on campus has slowly declined, students continue to face censorship even as courts continue to roundly reject such restrictions on public university campuses. Free speech on campus is not a partisan issue. FIRE hopes that whoever occupies the White House over the next four years will lend support to our critical mission. To that end, FIRE launched our new Legislative and Policy program earlier this year, allowing us to engage the White House and Congress to ensure that campus liberties are protected. Regardless of today's outcome, we will continue to work productively with our elected officials to protect student and faculty rights.

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