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Fall 'FIRE Quarterly' Now Available

The fall issue of our newsletter, The FIRE Quarterly, is now available here. This edition focuses on FIRE's fall semester initiatives, including our largest-ever national advertising campaign, updates from the Campus Freedom Network, a recap of our summer internship program, and the latest on FIRE's victories for free speech on campus.

In his "From the President" article, Greg Lukianoff honors FIRE's ten-year anniversary by reminiscing about coming to FIRE in 2001 and watching FIRE grow into what it has become today. He writes,

In those early days, there seemed to be someone working on cases in the FIRE office at all hours of the day and night. Every case was a hard fight, requiring a constant coordination of argument, outreach, factual analysis, legal research, campaigning, and engaging the media. Every case was an uphill battle; we were a tiny organization fighting an academic industry with billions of dollars at their disposal. Every case on behalf of student and faculty rights was fought hard, and every victory was sweet.

Today, I am approaching my fourth year as president of FIRE. While many things have changed, much remains the same. Though FIRE has grown substantially, it is still a small organization fighting a multi-billion-dollar industry that shows little respect for the rights, autonomy, and even private conscience of students and faculty members. Every victory is still sweet and hard-fought. I am proud that gradually our record of successes has grown and grown. Over the past ten years, FIRE has secured 155 public victories at 118 colleges and universities with a total enrollment of more than 2.5 million students, and we are directly responsible for changing 77 unconstitutional or repressive policies affecting more than 1.5 million students. I never forget that at the heart of each of these victories is a student, faculty member, or group of students who would have been denied their most basic rights had Alan Charles Kors and Harvey Silverglate not founded FIRE ten years ago.

FIRE's achievements provide us with more opportunities to defend and educate about individual rights on college campuses. For more on the continued successes and campaigns of FIRE, be sure to check out The FIRE Quarterly.

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