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Fewer Bros to be Tased at University of Florida

The Gainesville Sun reports (hat tip: Inside Higher Ed) that the University of Florida has agreed to adopt the recommendations of a committee on the usage of Tasers by the university police department that would prohibit the use of Tasers on people practicing "passive physical resistance." According to the Sun, this generally applies to people who go limp when being arrested rather than those who actively try to get away. The police department is pointing out, however, that this would have made no difference in the case of Andrew Meyer, the student who was famously Tased at a John Kerry event last September and made "Don't Tase me, bro!" a national catchphrase. Meyer, as you might remember, did not passively resist but did struggle with police, at least to some extent. It will be interesting to see if other universities adopt similar regulations, considering all the media attention paid to the Meyer incident.

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