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Find out why this generation of college students is not a lost cause [VIDEO]

Ongoing campus controversies and disheartening survey findings about college students over the past couple of years have some citizens asking if this generation of students is simply a lost cause.

For FIRE, the answer is a resounding no. We will not give up until we reach these students with our message about the importance of free speech on campus and beyond.

The academy exists to be, and needs to be, a true “marketplace of ideas,” where views are challenged and debate flourishes. The students on today’s college and university campuses are tomorrow’s leaders, and when free speech is respected, debate thrives, ideas bloom, and innovation and progress are made possible.

FIRE is committed to igniting a passion for these crucial freedoms in students through our educational programs, conferences, internships, and more. Check out the video below to hear what FIRE staff has to say when people suggest students are a lost cause.

You can help us keep college campuses open to debate and conducive to learning with a gift to FIRE at Your support helps determine just how far we can go in 2019!

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