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FIRE Celebrates Our 155th Victory for Rights on Campus

FIRE is proud to announce that we've achieved our 155th public victory for student and faculty rights on campus! FIRE's recent dual victories at UCLA and Santa Rosa Junior College—both in cases where the school had attempted to unconstitutionally ban the use of its initials on the Internet—brought us to this stunning total. (We're so busy we didn't even realize when we had crossed 150!)

These 155 victories have restored freedom and dignity—and, in some cases, their very futures—to students and faculty across the nation. FIRE has won at 118 separate college and university campuses (and across two entire university systems) with enrollments totaling more than 2.5 million students—all of whom are now more free to voice their opinions and exercise their beliefs without fear of censorship. In half of these victories, FIRE not only won its case but also generated lasting institutional reform, bringing repressive school policies back into alignment with the Constitution and ensuring that student and faculty rights would never again be violated under those policies.

None of these victories would have been possible without the consistent and generous support of our friends, donors, and allies. With each new victory, we move one step closer to changing the campus culture once and for all. However, as long as violations of student and faculty rights take place on campus, FIRE will be there fighting them, striving to restore our nation's most fundamental principles of liberty to the college campuses that have forgotten them.

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