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FIRE Co-Founder Alan Charles Kors Featured on ReasonTV

"I guarantee you that Reason published on a campus would be defunded and that you'd be up on harassment charges every other week," Professor Alan Charles Kors, FIRE co-founder and chairman emeritus, told Nick GIllespie in an interview posted today.

In the interview, Alan talks about how college campuses have changed since he joined the University of Pennsylvania faculty in 1968. The 35-minute video touches on speech codes, rising tuition costs, and how campus culture has shifted over the past 40 years. 

About 24 minutes into the video, the conversation turns to FIRE specifically. Alan touches on the heart of FIRE's argument for free speech on campus at 30:42: "The best answer to speech you don't like is more speech."

Watch the full interview below or on ReasonTV.

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