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FIRE in ‘Huffington Post’: Top 10 Pics Too Hot for Campus

In "Censored: Top 10 Pics Too Hot for Campus," FIRE President Greg Lukianoff shares his top-ten list of "censored, banned, or otherwise kerfuffle-causing images on campus" on The Huffington Post. Sadly, the most shocking thing about these images is the fact that they were censored in the first place. Take, for example, the T-shirt that prompted the athletic department at Tufts University to suspend the men's crew team for an upcoming race, relieve two senior captains of their positions, and force team members to write individual letters of apology: 

And who could forget the infamous Firefly poster removed from Professor Jim Miller's office door at the University of Wisconsin - Stout because the school claimed "it is unacceptable to have postings such as this that refer to killing"? 

Check out the full slideshow for all ten (safe for work) images and the stories behind how they were censored.

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