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FIRE Launches CFN Website, Announces Summer Conference

Today FIRE launched the new Campus Freedom Network (CFN) website. The website will serve as an online resource for students and faculty interested in advancing liberty on their campuses and networking with other like-minded individuals across the country. The website includes a message board, audio podcasting, video uploading for FIRE's Multimedia Project, a list of FIRE staff and allies available for on-campus speeches, and FIRE's speech code widgets. The CFN will also host an essay scholarship contest for high school students and a video contest for college students.

CFN members will have the opportunity to attend FIRE's first annual 3-day summer conference in June. It will be an incredible chance for students to hear from some of the top First Amendment experts in the country and develop campaigns for abolishing illiberal speech codes and other unconstitutional regulations at their own colleges and universities. Students and faculty at American colleges and universities are invited to join. There is no cost and all who sign up get a free FIRE t-shirt.

FIRE established the CFN in 2006 to help coordinate students and faculty across the country on behalf of individual rights on their respective campuses. It advances FIRE's mission by relying on the energy and ingenuity of students and faculty and their devotion to liberty to create change on their campuses while providing them with the resources available on the new website. As I said in the press release, "Members will play pivotal roles in helping to strengthen the foundations of liberty at schools across the country." We truly believe that.

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