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FIRE Launches New Video Fellow Campaign, Needs Your Support!

I am excited to announce that FIRE donors Raymie Stata and Kimberly Sweidy have offered to give FIRE $25,000 if we can raise $25,000 more from our friends and supporters. This matching grant will enable FIRE to launch a valuable new program: the FIRE Video Fellowship. During this one-year fellowship, FIRE will host a filmmaker who will capture our unbelievable cases on video and package them into short films to be available online and on DVD.

As you know, FIRE handles cases that are often so outrageous words alone cannot do them justice; they must be seen to be believed. With video, these cases can be seen and they are guaranteed to grab the attention of the public. It is a belief shared by everyone involved in FIRE's mission—from staff members, to supporters, to those who are victims of illiberal campus policies—that the more people know about the injustices occurring on our nation's campuses, the quicker these injustices will come to an end. Please help FIRE expose the truth about America's campuses by donating to FIRE's Video Fellow Matching Gift Fund today.

Through on-location footage and interviews, the Video Fellow will showcase real people and real places to drive home FIRE's message: suppression of liberty is real, and it is happening all too often. Help FIRE capture what our press releases and articles alone often cannotthe real, personal stories of the student and faculty victims we've dedicated ourselves to protecting. Not only do these stories make for compelling video, they also create a powerful call to action and have the potential to bring unprecedented public pressure to bear against unjust administrators. With your help, we will be able to make more and better videos in 2010, bringing our message to a wider audience and strengthening our arsenal to fight for those without a voice.

FIRE believes deeply in Justice Brandeis' famous statement that "sunlight is the best disinfectant" and has long operated under the truth-proven time and again in FIRE cases—that administrators often cannot defend in public what they do in private. By forcing abuses of student and faculty rights into the public eye through short films, we can harness public outrage and drive the public to action, compelling administrators to pay heed to the growing call to restore liberty on campus.

Please help us raise enough money to secure the matching grant to hire a one-year Video Fellow. I know that times are tough and donating to charities may not be your first priority, but please know that even a few dollars will go a long way—in fact, if you give to this fund, your donation will double its value! There's no better time to donate to FIRE than today.

Take a moment to spread the word to friends and family too—every dollar brings us closer to our goal.

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