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FIRE Makes Sure Wisconsin Attorney General Knows All the Facts

Today, FIRE President David French wrote to Wisconsin Attorney General Peggy A. Lautenschlager, whom University of Wisconsin System President Kevin Reilly has asked to review the constitutionality of the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire’s (UWEC’s) ban on RAs’ leading Bible studies in their dormitories. Unfortunately, Reilly’s letter to the attorney general left out important details about the situation. The letter repeats as truth the university’s false claim that UWEC’s “prohibition applies to all activities, regardless of viewpoint, including such activities as partisan politics, religious studies or ‘sales party’ events,” not just Bible studies. FIRE has pointed out repeatedly on its website that several other types of ideological activities have been allowed and even lauded and that the job description RAs are sent specifically obliges them to “actively assist in the social, educational, service, recreational, and political programs and activities of the hall.” Reilly’s omission of these crucial facts is only the latest of UW’s many offenses against liberty. FIRE dearly hopes these offenses will cease immediately, beginning with the repeal of this unconstitutional policy.

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