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FIRE Op-Ed in University of Delaware Student Paper

Adam Kissel, director of FIRE's Individual Rights Defense Program, has an editorial published in the University of Delaware's student newspaper, the Review. In it, he calls for the student body to be aware of Residence Life's "sustainability" program, writing that,

Documents written or promoted by Residence Life officials demonstrate that sustainability is a highly politicized, comprehensive agenda including positions on topics such as affirmative action, gay marriage, abortion, corporations and worldwide redistribution of wealth.

Residence Life wants everyone to embrace those highly politicized opinions.

After all the University of Delaware went through after FIRE widely publicized its unconstitutional freshman orientation initiatives, Residence Life still insists on indoctrinating its students. Adam continues,

Residence Life has been saying it is just promoting good citizenship in line with the university's overall educational principles. The trick here, however, is that the Residence Life directors took it upon themselves to define what counts as good citizenship in a diverse society.


Following its "sustainability" agenda, all the evidence shows that Residence Life does not merely want students to understand or develop their existing values and beliefs. Rather, Residence Life wants students to internalize a very specific view of "citizenship values," and change to become the kinds of people Residence Life insists are necessary for the world's future.

Residence Life should stop trying to take over undergraduate education from the faculty, the real educators on campus. Indoctrination has no part to play in a liberal education.

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